Welcome to Chestnut Street Community Church

Senior Pastors: Pastor Art Snow & Pastor Sharon Snow

Welcome to Chestnut Street Community Church. How do you introduce a church to someone who has never attended a service, heard a sermon preached, or shaken a members hand? Well I think the easiest way to accomplish that is to tell the person why they are passionate about the church and why they would attend themselves if they weren’t already members.

So allow me to take that approach. First what I love about our church is that it’s diversity reflects Heaven, we are told that around the throne of God there are people from every people group worshipping our Lord. That is how it feels when you attend a service at Chestnut Street. Many nations, of all ages, just enjoying the presence of the King of Kings.

Second if I could think of just one word that describes the feeling of Chestnut Street, it would be family. Church should be about community, community that lives life together as one family, interlaced with love and care for one another.

Finally, the motto of Chestnut Street says it all: Loving God – Serving People- Having Fun….It’s just that simple. Come join us as we authentically experience God as a family of believers.

Location & Regular Schedule

303 Chestnut Street Roselle NJ 07203  |  908-241-6470  |  info@cscc-family.org


9:30am: Adult Sunday School  |  10:30am: Sunday Service


7:30pm: Elevate – Adult Bible Study


7:30pm: Project F.I.Y.A. Youth Group


When you first walk through the doors of Chestnut Street you will be met with a loving, healing and welcoming environment. You will feel the presence of a great God, a loving people and and atmosphere of worship. You will be invited to just rest in God’s presence and be filled with His loving embrace.

The dress code is come as you are, if you are comfortable causal please come casual, if you prefer dressy, then please come dressy. Our Senior Pastor, Art Snow always says; “It doesn’t matter what you wear to church, just as long as you come”. So come on in and be comfortable.

Our style of worship is designed to be as scriptural as possible. We sing because we are free, and because we are free, we worship freely. Adoration and worship are expressed to God through song, and dance using both musical instruments as well as the instrument of our voices. Jesus teaches that we are to worship in spirit and truth. This kind of worship involves both the body and the spirit. So we invite you to come expecting God to show up, and when God shows up, the human heart responds with joyful shouting and praise.

Every time we assemble there will be time given to the word of God through preaching. We believe that preaching should always be based on the Bible and always applicable to everyday life. God so loves His children that He provides us with a life-book called the Bible to guide us through every day, and that is where we find the truth that we preach here at Chestnut Street.

Finally what you will always find at Chestnut Street is a positive and hopeful environment. We believe that what the world really needs today is hope and encouragement to live life to the full measure that Heaven intends. For this to happen we must always look at the positive as we keep our eyes on Jesus and the victory He has won for each of His followers.

Core Values (Who we are)


Is the glue that unites our church family


Is central to our relationship with God

Biblical Truth

Is the catalyst to life change


Are vital to ministry and church life


Is obedience to the Lord of the harvest


Is the model for empowering and releasing leaders


Is Heaven’s reflection on earth


Is our goal in every endeavor

The Vision (Where we are going)

Loving God  |  Serving People  |  Having Fun


Everyday Authentically Experience God